Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pigs Feet and Paninis

Last week (I think it was last week) I was in Fairhope, AL for four days for orientation for school.  I attend University of South Alabama, but the program is online, except for this one week.  It was difficult to leave Lydia--but Daddy and Dana took great care of her when I was gone.

First, I have to say that Fairhope is awesome!! I want to take my husband back for a little vacation.  We were able to stay at the Grand Marriott Resort for a discount, but even without a discount, it would be worth it for a short vacation.  The grounds are gorgeous!  The property is kind of like an island surrounded on most sides by the bay with "beaches."  You can see the water as well as the whimsical and romantic great oaks surrounding the property.  Here is a link to see pictures Grand Hotel Resort

After our test--I sat out on the beach at the resort--with this spectacular view (Thanks IPhone!)
In addition, you can fish, boat (there is a Marina), a Spa (which I was too buy to visit--but desperately needed/deserved ;)  And then there is the little town!  Oh my--what a quaint little community filled with shops and great little eateries!  If you are looking for a new little place to go that's only 3.5 hours from Baton Rouge, I recommend it -- especially if you don't like commercialized vacations!  Go to Beautiful Fairhope for pictures and info.  And by the way--no one has paid me for this advertisement ;)

So why pigs feet and paninis?  Well, I ate at Panini Pete's one day.  They were featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives--a very cool show that I love to watch.  (I stole this pic from Panini Pete's website--didn't have my camera.)  And by the way--the panini--was awesome!

And now to the pigs feet -- well-- that's what I practiced suturing.  A kind pig allowed me to perfect my skills!  But I have to say that embroidery and smocking DEFINITELY helped my suturing!

Only 2 tests to go!!  I finish the semester in mid-December and CAN'T WAIT!!!! Only one more year to go!

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