Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Worthwhile Reading

So.  Yes.... I have been gone ....too long.  But this post is not to talk about where I've been :)

I was just sitting at my dining room table...studying (of course) and thinking about my dearest friend, Lisa.  Lisa and I have known each other since I was that makes 22 years!!  That is a very long time.  I was the maid of honor in her wedding (wearing the green velvet dress with my very SHORT CURLY permed hair--we will spare the pictures and the laughs for now) and her 9 year old daughter was the maid of honor in mine -- (She refused to put on any kind of bride's maid dress--and I threatened a velvet one ;) Just kidding!

I was just studying about children's obesity, and I thought about how I have been at her house on early school mornings when she is fixing salads and fruit and sandwiches and homemade taco soup to send with her kids to school.  She tries to avoid excess sugars and fats--to help her children to develop healthy lifestyles.  She sings with them, reads to them, and teaches them wisdom and godly ways.  I could go on and on about how wonderful of a mother she is.

She recently wrote this post on her blog--and I have been delinquent in posting a link to it.  It is such worthwhile reading.  I hope you stop by her blog and take a peek.  Her posts always inspire me to develop family traditions and value the relationships of those around you--especially family.

So....has Lydia been "Worth the Sacrifice" --  You betcha!!

9 months old--already!!  My big girl has 6 teeth and is already starting to stand on her own!!

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